Every customer, load and move requires special attention to equipment used in hauling. At 5J Transportation Group we keep a large inventory of specialized and standard tractor and trailer options, each ready to move you. Click on a button to see a description.


Tractor Options

A wide variety of heavy haul and commodity freight tractors are available for your move. Our truck tractor options vary depending upon the load trailer type and move options required. Our tractors can pull oversized freight, wide loads, heavy equipment, vessels and super-heavy loads—from 400 to 500,000 lbs.

We determine which tractor and trailer combination you need based on your load, axle weight limits, distance, roadway obstacles and permitting needs.

5J Group has over 150 tractors across nine terminal and dispatch locations ready to move you.


Double Drop Options

Doubledrop trailers are used to haul excessively high loads without having to buy permits for an overheight load. They are similar to a removable goose neck trailer (RGN). This trailer is not as common as the RGN. The disadvantage is that it can be difficult to load. They are generally 48′ in length. The lower deck height is often 20 ” to 22 “. The payload will vary from trailer to trailer.

5J Group has 12″, 18″, 24″ and specialized 31″ options.


Flatbed Options

A flatbed trailer is a common trailer type are used in the transport of materials when load height is not an issue. Loading is usually done by forklift from the side or overhead by crane. One advantage is maximum continuous deck space The flatbed is generally 48′ long and most are 102″ wide. Typically, the flatbed trailer is between 60 ” and 62″ high. The maximum height of the freight that can be loaded is 8’4″. Some trailers can haul as much as 48000#.

5J Group has 48′ and 53′ options.


Step Deck Options

Stepdeck trailers are also referred to as a singledrop or dropdeck trailers. They are used to haul many of the same types of freight as a flatbed. The advantage is that this trailer can haul a higher load without having to buy permits for the load. Most trailers are 48′ long. It is also available in a 53′ length. The upper deck is usually either 10′ or 11′ long. On a 48′ trailer, the lower deck would either be 37′ or 38′. The typical stepdeck trailer is 39″ or 40″ high at the rear. Occasionally, these trailers are 42″ high. The construction of the stepdeck makes it a heavier trailer than a flatbed. The stepdeck can transport 44,000 to 45,000#.

5J Group has 48′ and 53′ options.


Removable Goose Neck Options

A Removable Goose Neck (RGN) is a type of doubledrop trailer. This trailer is used to transport tall loads and is known by various names including RGN and detachable trailer. Sometimes this trailer is referred to as a detach. Generally 48′ long (although some 53′ are available, they have the advantage of being able to unhook into 2 pieces allowing for the loading of certain types of equipment. It is generally 48′ long. Between the front and rear upper decks is a low deck area referred to as a well. The well is typically 29′ 6″ in length. The well is usually around 20″ to 24″ off the ground allowing for transport of freight that is around 11’8″ in height.


Stretch Deck Options

Stretch single-drop deck trailers are designed to carry and haul truckloads that are too long for the length restrictions of a standard or traditional step deck. They provide extra support, preventing freight overhang. The lowered main deck allows plenty of room for taller loads that exceed the height limit of a regular flatbed stretch trailer. With 35 to 63 feet of flatbed deck length, the stretch single drop trailer is ideal for overlength freight shipments. We start with timely door-to-door service, and we help with in-depth details like permitting, routing, clearances, inspections, and tarps.


Faymonville and Goldhofer Dual Lane Options

The bridge friendly Goldhofer Dual-Lane trailer is a perfect configuration for permitting over-the-road routes with bridges that require greater dispersion of heavy loads as well as long over-the-road transports throughout North America.  Its three-point hydraulic loading system is designed to ensure fragile cargo will not encounter unnecessary stress due to the length of the load. This trailer can also elevate over inclines along any route, and then lower for passing under overpasses.


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